Accessible Audio Textbooks

Audio format textbooks provide access to printed documents for people who are blind or print disabled and is becoming increasingly popular on websites. It also offers an enhanced comprehension for people with learning disabilities, low literacy skills, and for new citizens unfamiliar with a nation's official languages. In addition, audio accessible books provide access when reading print is not possible or is cumbersome.

Why is it important to produce an audio textbook?

For people who are blind or partially sighted, audio accessible textbooks remove the challenge of interpreting computer files that contain graphics, have multiple columns, and other complicated design components that are unfriendly to screen reading devices.

How is the audio textbook produced?

The audio accessible book typically uses a professional narrator to read text heard on a CD. Users navigate through sections of the audio using index tones. With the popularity of textbooks on CDs, this is the most cost effective and efficient way to provide access to information in audio format.

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Head phones on a textbook to illustrate audio textbooks

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Head phones on a textbook to illustrate audio textbooks