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Jeff Jullion - Jul 03, 2015
The questions came pouring in at the 2015 ADA Symposium we attended in Atlanta, Georgia this past May. As a part of our Ask T-Base program, accessibility questions in the United States healthcare industry are commonly brought to our attention. Here’s our answer  relating to accessible healthcare documents from our Senior Account Manager, Jeff Jullion, who handles the accessibility needs of our healthcare customers:
Mike Hadfield - Jun 24, 2015

We received plenty of questions regarding accessible communications at this year’s National ADA Symposium. One attendee asked how many companies don’t provide accessible information and equal access to information. Mike Hadfield, Director of Operations at T-Base, has the answer.

Andy Keyworth - Jun 16, 2015
This question was asked by an attendee at this year’s 2015 ADA Symposium and answered by our Senior Web Accessibility Specialist, Andy Keyworth.
Mike MacMartin - Jun 10, 2015
Not only are our Subject Matter Experts knowledgeable about all things relating to accessible communications, but they are passionate about other accessibility topics. Our Development Manager, Mike MacMartin, shares his interests for tabletop and roleplaying games with an in-depth answer on how to make these sorts of games more accessible to blind, low-vision, and print disabled gamers.
Blair MacPherson - Jun 04, 2015
We recently received a phone call from a wealth management company asking if wealth management statements in alternate formats are sufficient for providing accessible financial documents. Our Senior Account Manager, Blair MacPherson expands on this topic:
Wealth Management Statements (issued monthly and quarterly) should be provided to customers in alternate formats along with any other information sent to  fully sighted customers that they can expect to receive on a regular basis.


Ask T-Base provides the ability for you to ask us anything related to communicating accessibly with your blind and low vision customers. #asktbase