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Mike Hadfield - Nov 25, 2015

We design, produce and deliver accessible learning materials to be used by post-secondary students who are blind or with low vision, but our communication is generally with Office of Disability Services (ODS) coordinators, rather than the student directly.

We work closely with ODS coordinators to ensure that specific student requirements are incorporated into alternate format materials. If issues arise, our team would work closely with the ODS to make sure any student concerns with the material produced are fully addressed in a timely manner.

Aquinas Pather - Nov 19, 2015

When it comes to providing accessible communications, organizations must think beyond their direct communications with their customers. Not only is providing accessible documents important at your place of business, but if you are providing services to the public, your public space must also accommodate consumers who are blind, deaf-blind, and partially sighted.

Sue Costa - Nov 13, 2015

Accessible PDFs are essential when it comes to delivering content that people who are blind or with low vision can access. Unfortunately though, many PDFs online are not accessible: they are image-based and cannot be read properly by screen readers.

So, is it possible to convert existing non-accessible PDFs into ones that are accessible? Sue Costa, our in-house PDF expert, has the answer. 

Courtney DeLaura - Nov 11, 2015

Since our specialization is in accessible communications for blind, low vision and print disabled customers of financial, educational, telecommunication, healthcare, and government industries, we have reached out to our knowledge base and was provided with an answer by Penny Leclair. Penny is a member of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians, Consumer Access Group (CAG), and CNIB as well as the President of Guide Dog Users of Canada.

Courtney DeLaura - Nov 06, 2015

Because we help companies across the United States meet requirements set out by The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), we’re often asked about the ADA—its mandate and how to comply. Just recently we were asked this question: How does one prioritize requests for ADA-compliant documents?


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