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Web Accessibility: Best Practices – Q & A

The T-Base-hosted webinar “Web Accessibility: Best Practices” with guest speaker David Best, Accessibility IT Specialist for Business and Education Services in Technology (BEST Consulting), included tons of information on how to improve the accessibility of your website or mobile app to communicate more effectively with your customers who are blind or have low vision. Here’s the dialogue between David Best and T-Base’s Senior Account Manager Jeff Jullion summarized.  

Lucy Morrissey - Jun 29, 2016

T-Base Stories – May 2016 Accessibility Stories

For the month of May, which also marked the fifth anniversary of Global Accessibility Awareness (GAAD), we’ve got to witness efforts over North America for greater access for persons with disabilities and a more inclusive online experience. Here’s a recap of what has been trending in the accessibility domain.

#Access4All: Campaign to Promote Universal Accessibility in Canada

Courtney DeLaura - Jun 01, 2016

T-Base Stories – This Week in Accessibility – April 1

This week’s accessibility stories illustrate the continual innovation and push necessary for technologies and legislation surrounding accessibility. With recent publication of vision loss predicted to double and a demand for a more accessible Canada, the need for accessibility throughout technologies, legislation, and communications is anticipated to also be prevalent with regard to business strategies and agendas of companies and government organizations.

Courtney DeLaura - Apr 01, 2016

T-Base Stories - This Week in Accessibility - March 11

Today, we do everything via our mobile devices—watch videos and read blogs for entertainment; purchase products and services; research solutions; plan vacations, reach out to friends and family; and we connect with our service providers to make payments, review charges and manage accounts. For this reason, it’s crucial that all businesses make sure mobile apps are fully accessible.

Lucy Morrissey - Mar 09, 2016

T-Base Stories - This Week in Accessibility - Feb 5

This week’s weekly roundup of T-Base Stories acknowledges the importance of businesses to provide online goods and services that are accessible to consumers who are blind, have low vision, or are print-restricted. Not only is it required by certain accessibility legislation based on geographical location, but it just makes good business sense to provide equal access to goods and services. We also touch on equal employment opportunities that help to reduce barriers. Read further to see which stories we’ve chose to highlight this week!

Courtney DeLaura - Feb 05, 2016

T-Base Stories – This Week in Accessibility – Jan. 29

This weekly roundup of T-Base Stories is a great mix! We have insight into what health consumers expect from their payment experience (think flexibility), and we have updates on who’s moving forward in making the tools we use to communicate—the radio, computers, etc.—more accessible. Read on to learn which stories were our favourite this week.

Lucy Morrissey - Jan 28, 2016

T-Base Stories – This Week in Accessibility – Jan. 22

This week’s weekly roundup of T-Base Stories highlights the importance of technological tools and resources in order to assist people who are blind, print-restricted, or have low vision the access to information relating to their personal and leisure affairs. This includes accessible websites to be able to access products and services online as well as assistive technologies that help with user experience. Companies such as Apple and MasterCard have acknowledged the viability of such technologies for consumers who are blind or with low vision.

Courtney DeLaura - Jan 22, 2016


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