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5 best practices for accessible communications and AODA compliance

The Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure recently announced 10 years of action toward an accessible Ontario for AODA.  While their mandate is to make Ontario fully accessible by 2025, there is an important deadline regarding accessible communications that you should be aware of that affects large organizations.

Deanna White - Jul 20, 2015

Ask the Expert – Accessible PDF with Sue Costa

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 39 million people worldwide are blind, and 246 million have low vision. Additionally, 46-51% of North American adults do their primary banking and financial management online. Based on these statistics, it is reasonable to expect that as the population ages, and the availability and accessibility of technology increases, both of these numbers will continue to rise.

Deanna White - Aug 26, 2014

Ask the Expert - Large Print Standards with Sue Costa

According to the World Health Organization, there are an estimated 246 million people worldwide living with low vision. It is reasonable to expect that as the population ages, the group of older individuals who have low vision will increase and as a result, the demand for large print will rise. This increase will undoubtedly impact the way in which businesses communicate with their customers, and remain compliant with accessibility legislation.To fully address accessibility issues and communicate effectively with their low vision customers, organizations must go beyond standard design methods. Many organizations that use photocopying to enlarge regular print statements are doing themselves, their large print customers, and their brand a great disservice.

July’s format of the month is Large Print, so we caught up with our resident Large Print expert, Sue Costa and interviewed her for our “Ask the Expert” series. In this interview, Sue shares her insights on making large print documents accessible, and why photocopying simply isn’t enough.  

Deanna White - Jul 31, 2014


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