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Financial Literacy Imperative to All

April marks Financial Literacy Month in the United States! The term 'Financial Literacy' is defined as ‘having the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions.’ Much attention is being paid to the issue of financial literacy this month, especially communities where language, disability, income levels, and other factors impact the ability of people to understand financial information and make informed decision about matters that ultimately affects our overall quality of life.

Sharlyn Ayotte - Apr 02, 2014

Airports and Accomodations

Following a wonderful holiday in Paris, my husband, Ian, and I went early to the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris to finally leave the country. Ian, however, was off to go sailing, while Bizet, my guide dog, and I were to return to Canada through a different terminal. Although I have travelled on my own with Bizet in the past, this time it was necessary for all of us to be at the airport early to ensure that all was in place for Bizet and I while we waited for our afternoon flight.

Sharlyn Ayotte - May 17, 2012

Our Health and the Right to Be Informed

We are witnessing increased discussions on the matter of healthcare and the need for timely and relevant information to guide our decisions.

For many blind, deafblind, and partially sighted people, the need for accessible information in audio, braille, large print, and accessible electronic formats and the channels needed to deliver this information may be the only way to stay informed and make decisions about our health.

Health related information may include:

Sharlyn Ayotte - Apr 16, 2012

Reverse the Charges!

I purchased both a cell phone and a three year plan for my granddaughter when she turned thirteen. As she lived in the country, I did this more because I worried about her safety and simply wanted to ensure that she could be contacted at anytime while away from parental oversight.

The phone had lots of bells and whistles, and before entering into a contract my sweet granddaughter and I also had a couple of significant conversations about the type of service which could best meet her personal communications needs while respecting my budget.

Sharlyn Ayotte - Mar 20, 2012

A Customer’s Perspective

I will always remember when I first went online and discovered the world of possibilities which existed within my grasp. I was delighted, astounded, and empowered to expand my world. Most importantly, I saw the many opportunities which could and would be realized as a blind person in the mainstream of a connected and accessible world.

Sharlyn Ayotte - Mar 06, 2012

Recommendations for the Canadian Procurement Process

On February 27, the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians made a presentation to the Parliamentary Committee as part of the consultation process. It was an excellent presentation as it accurately and succinctly portrayed the current reality facing blind, deafblind, partially sighted, and other print restricted people living in Canada today with respect to access to different forms of media, issues, challenges, and recommendations.

Sharlyn Ayotte - Mar 06, 2012

Can the Window be Opened?

On November 15th and 16th 2011, the Government of Canada’s appeal in the Jodhan Court Challenge was heard at the Federal Court in Toronto. The blind deafblind communities are becoming very excited that the decision will be positive and the Government appeal will be deemed invalid. Regardless of the appeal, there is much evidence pointing to activity across the Government that accessibility related initiatives are well underway.

Sharlyn Ayotte - Dec 07, 2011

Open Hearts and Minds in Greece

The day the four of us decided to go to Greece together was a momentous event, as we were all aware that we were in for memories of a lifetime, a promise of adventure and probably a few challenges. My daughter Shannon, as well as two of our closest girlfriends, had decided that travelling with Bizet, my guide dog, was bound to introduce some interesting twists to the trip.

Sharlyn Ayotte - Jun 06, 2011


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