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T-Base FASTtrack simplifies the transcription of textbooks and other educational materials, for even the most complex STEM subjects into braille for FASTtrackVIP members. 

Exclusive Benefits. Valuable Rewards. 

Faster Turnaround

The industry standard for converting printed textbooks into braille is a complex process that takes about four to nine months. When you become a member of T-Base FASTtrack, you will receive your braille textbook 2x faster than the industry average. By providing a clean, text extractable file, the turnaround time is even significantly faster than that!  T-Base has invested thousands of hours into designing, integrating and testing FASTtrack to turn what was an arduous, manual process into one that is streamlined—automated and guided by T-Base's in-house subject matter experts and certified transcribers.    

Priority Service

You will have a T-Base representative assigned to you, who will be there to answer questions and guide you through the entire transcription process—from quote to delivery (and even after). Your T-Base representative will keep you informed and assured, making absolutely sure that you receive the individual attention you deserve as a VIP member and that every one of your braille transcription requirements are met.

Reserved transcription capacity

When you become a FASTtrack VIP member, we’ll reserve capacity so that when you send us your order it will be given top priority. Regardless of the work T-Base has in-house, your order will be bumped in the queue--like going to the front of the line.

Exclusive Offers and Rewards

From time to time, VIP members will receive exclusive offers and rewards in the form of discounts, specials or other loyalty rewards; for example, VIP members will receive 10% off standard pricing on all T-Base services. These offers and rewards are not be available to customers who are not VIP members.

Advance Notice of News

As a VIP member, we’ll send you news that could impact you, that is industry updates and any fresh information that pertains to meeting the needs of students who are blind. You’ll also receive T-Base news before we announce it to the general public.

Terms & Conditions for "Try Before You Buy" Members: Single use | Valid until September 4, 2017 | Valid on one volume of a literary textbook provided in a clean, text-extractable RTF

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