Understanding Braille

Braille continues to be a fundamental and underpinning ingredient of literacy and independent living for blind consumers and students alike.

What are the different braille standards?

Under BANA (Braille Authority of North America), T-Base complies with the approved standard of UEB (Unified English Braille Code). The UEB standard has been recently adopted and is beginning to be recognized as an international standard. It was developed to represent the wide variety of literary and technical material in the English language.

T-Base also complies with a variety of French braille codes such as: Code braille français uniformisé (CBFU), 2008, and, Code pour la transcription en braille de l'imprimé (Code de Base) Tome I, 1996.

What is the difference between types of braille?

Uncontracted braille (Grade 1) is the most basic representation of letters, numbers, and punctuation while contracted braille (Grade 2) combines approximately 300 contractions and is the most commonly used.

There are also different types of braille that represent different subject matters. There is literary braille as well as computer science braille, music and Nemeth. 

Can braille be used with computers?

A wide range of devices are capable of braille translation that allows users to access information on a computer screen. Refreshable braille displays, for example, consist of small pins which move up and down to form braille letters in accordance with single-column text on a screen similar to print braille. While these devices can read text, they cannot interpret graphics (or text that has been produced as a graphic). Increasingly popular are devices that combine braille display with synthesized speech output giving blind users faster and more accurate interpretation and translation of the computer screen.

Is it possible to reproduce a graphic into braille?

In some cases, as with flow charts and mathematical diagrams, a braille illustration can be reproduced. A braille expert will provide you with information on how to convert your graphic into a braille transcription at the testing stage.

Can braille be produced in-house?

Using a statement braille service provider is strongly recommended, as this will ensure that your documentation is effectively relayed to the end user.

Can braille be duplex (on both sides of the page) printed?

Yes it can. Both sides are printed at the same time, and the raised dots will appear slightly adjacent to one another from back to front.