T-Base FASTtrack: Accessible educational materials 2x faster

FASTtrack is a T-Base innovation that turns the arduous manual process of braille transcription into one that’s streamlined, fast and accurate. We do it through guided transcription, using automation tools. Our trained operators, armed with proprietary T-Base FASTtrack software, produce quality braille materials in half the time, every time.

State of the industry

Despite today’s technology, braille is an essential resource for students who are blind. Braille literacy not only improves academic performance, it makes graduates more employable. Trouble is, they can’t get their braille education materials fast enough because textbook transcription is a manual, slow, antiquated process plagued by a shortage of qualified transcribers. Manual transcription is impeding equal access to education for students who are blind.

Icon of pen writing on paper depicting results from a survey about long wait times typical in the transcription industry today.

Long wait times

According to a recent T-Base-conducted survey: 91% of respondents from educational institutions said they would like to see their textbooks transcribed faster.

Icon of a head and shoulders profile of a professional depicting shortage of braille transcribers typical in the transcription industry today.

Transcriber shortage

“There is a significant shortage of braille transcribers…(students) go weeks or months without the textbooks their sighted peers have,” says the American Foundation for the Blind. A more critical shortage is projected in the coming years.

Icon of person standing beside a pie graph indicating high demand of braille transcription and low supply in the transcription industry today.

High demand, low supply

Supply is inadequate but demand is high: K-12, universities, colleges, and publishers need fast turnaround, high quality, and the ability to handle high-volume, complex orders. Manually transcribing printed textbooks into braille typically takes 4–9 months.

Icon of thumb pointing down indicating how late delivery of accessible materials can negatively impact the learning environment.

Poor learning environment

Students who don’t get their materials on time—which is the case especially for complex subject matter—run the risk of falling behind in their studies, impacting their ability to succeed.

The solution: FASTtrack guided automation

With T-Base FASTtrack, quality braille education materials are in students’ hands in half the time. We call FASTtrack guided automation because our software automates document structuring and streamlines output, with guidance by trained operators and QA by our certified transcribers and subject matter experts.

Our innovation: the best of technology and the best of human expertise

Our unique FASTtrack software delivers the speed, and our expert in-house team fine-tunes the technology. A winning combination.

Extensive development of proprietary automation technology for guided braille transcription.

Image of Venn Diagram depicting the combination of speed with a circle on the left intersecting with a circle on the right representing quality for T-Base’s FASTtrack innovation.

Guided by trained FASTtrack operators. QA by certified transcribers (UEB, Literary, Nemeth) and subject matter experts.

FASTtrack devours high volumes at lightning speed

FASTtrack handles high-volume orders at a speed that fundamentally transforms the braille transcription process. Students receive braille education materials at least 2X faster.

The widest range of input file formats. Accessible Media Producer (AMP) for NIMAS files. All document types, from forms to dense literary textbooks with many columns and tables.

Guided braille transcription. Software speeds up transcription. Consistency (system-generated transcriber’s notes. Less opportunity for human error.

Ironclad security infrastructure includes PCI DSS & SSAE-16 SOC2 Type 2 certifications for secure standardized testing.

EBAE Literary. UEB Literary.

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