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FASTtrack: For Braille Textbooks 2x Faster

T-Base has accelerated and simplified the transcription of braille textbooks. FASTtrack combines automation (automated transcription guided by trained operators) and expertise (QA by certified transcribers) for high-quality output 2X faster than the industry average.


The Power of Alternate Formats in the Classroom

Are you giving every student equal opportunity to succeed? For students who are blind or have low vision, the availability of alternate formats at school—k-12 through post-secondary—is crucial. Without access to accessible instructional materials, students may fall behind in their studies.


Financial Services

Alternate Formats for Banks: Enhancing Customer Experience

Consumers who are blind or have low vision, along with the aging population, need equal access to information regarding their financial affairs. When you communicate with customers in their preferred format, not only do you improve the customer experience but you strengthen compliance with accessibility legislation.



Alternate Formats: Key to Meeting Subscriber Needs (in Telecommunications)

Do your subscribers who are aging, blind or have low vision have access to the information they need to fully understand their wireless or wireline charges? Learn how to improve customer experience by way of offering billing statements, user manuals and other communications in alternate formats.



Understanding Section 1557’s Final Rule

Section 1557’s Final Rule is important legislation for healthcare insurance providers to understand. Two key deadlines have passed—do you know whether you’re in full compliance with Section 1557? Learn how to meet the communication needs of your plan members who are blind or have low vision and comply with the Final Rule.


Accessibility for Healthcare Plan Members: Why It Matters

Accessibility for healthcare plan members who are blind or have low vision is important for the customer and for the healthcare insurance provider. Customers need equal access to healthcare information, and customer loyalty leads to customer retention (it’s good for business!).


Special Edition Videos

Accessibility Touches the Hearts of Millions this Valentine’s Day

Every Valentine’s Day, you can help make millions of people feel independent, informed and valued without saying a word. How? Through supporting accessible communications in education, healthcare, financial services and telecommunications.


Bringing the Magic of the Holidays to Children—in Braille!

We know that for a child to receive a letter from Mr. Claus is a great joy—one all children should have the opportunity to experience, regardless of disability. That is why, for more than a decade, T-Base has helped Santa and his elves respond to children’s letters in braille during the holiday season.


Accessible Communications: Calibrating the User Experience (VIDEO)

T-Base reached out to consumers who are blind or have low vision for feedback on the accessibility of communications from financial institutions, telecommunications providers and healthcare plan providers via call centers, in-person and online. Some results may surprise you!